Create your own framework?

Why would you like to create your own framework in the first place? If you look around, everybody will tell you that it’s a bad thing to reinvent the wheel and that you’d better choose an existing framework and forget about creating your own altogether. Most of the time, they are right but I can think of a few good reasons to start creating your own framework:

  • To learn more about the low level architecture of modern web frameworks in general and about the Symfony2 full-stack framework internals in particular;
  • To create a framework tailored to your very specific needs (just be sure first that your needs are really specific);
  • To experiment creating a framework for fun (in a learn-and-throw-away approach);
  • To refactor an old/existing application that needs a good dose of recent web development best practices;
  • To prove the world that you can actually create a framework on your own (… but with little effort).

I will gently guide you through the creation of a web framework, one step at a time. At each step, you will have a fully-working framework that you can use as is or as a start for your very own. We will start with simple frameworks and more features will be added with time. Eventually, you will have a fully-featured full-stack web framework.

And of course, each step will be the occasion to learn more about some of the Symfony2 Components.

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